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    What our Tan Hill Inn customers have to say?

    First Name Date of Visit Feedback comments
    June 01/07/2015 Best food ever!!! Thank you
    Dawn 01/07/2015 Brilliant experience, food, ale & scenery
    Dan 01/07/2015 We stayed at Keld for Jit’s wedding but enjoyed our lunch here very much!
    David 20/07/2015 Please don’t become too successful and become oversubscribed. Sort the walks!
    Paul 20/07/2015 Excellent
    Jayne 21/07/2015 Excellent stay top stuff – thank you
    Len & Andy 21/07/2015 Would alwaysneed3-5 nightsdueto journey time. Wouldrecommendto others. Thanks
    Karen 21/07/2015 Thanks for your hospitality, hope to be back
    Helen 22/07/2015 Fabulous staff
    Sue 22/07/2015 Fantastic food, great atmosphere
    Maddy 22/07/2015 Very good visit
    Ann 22/07/2015 Excellent place, beautiful scenery, great atmosphere. Would love to stay
    Kath 22/07/2015 We all really enjoyed our visit. Loved the inn, inside and out. Will be back
    Aidan 22/07/2015 Didn’t try hot food or accomadation but definitely will next time!
    Dawn 22/07/2015 Didn’t stay but will definitely come back. Lovely
    Kim 22/07/2015 Great place – glad we got here to visit – very friendly. Enjoyed GYP
    Janet 22/07/2015 Would love to stay. Beautiful remote countryside, great for hiking. Inn with a diffrence!!
    Karen 22/07/2015 Don’tchange a thing!
    EA 22/07/2015 Absolutely wonderful
    S 22/07/2015 Warm & cosy, good food
    Jim 22/07/2015 Great pint after a long ride up hill. Cheers
    Jill 22/07/2015 21st birthday celebration for my son. So welcoming & special message written on plane, well done. Thank you x
    Adrian 22/07/2015 Mould in bathroom only problem, otherwise excellent, thanks
    Maurice 22/07/2015 Fab
    Verna 22/07/2015 Fantastic food & beer, we stopped on Pennine Way route, didn’t stay over but all was great
    JM 23/07/2015 Found you at last!
    23/07/2015 The staff was good
    Bob 23/07/2015 Amazing pub! Better than we ever expected. Don’t change anything
    Robert 23/07/2015 When can I stay!!!!!!!
    23/07/2015 Thoroughly enjoyed our visit!
    Gill 23/07/2015 We will be back!!!
    R 23/07/2015 Will be arranging a return visit to stay longer
    Emma 23/07/2015 Would love to stay with you!
    Mr & Mrs D 23/07/2015 The steak pie was truly scrumptious, we enjoyed every mouthful. Thanks to all the friendly staff
    Kate 23/07/2015 Great atmosphere, see you soon
    D 24/07/2015 Could do with a proper bike shed
    Gregory 24/07/2015 Fantastic pub, been coming here over 20 years
    Leonora 24/07/2015 What’s not to like? Warm fires, warm welcome, good food & great buzz
    Gina 24/07/2015 Loved the live music. Great cooking too. Would go out of the way to stay here again.
    Helen 24/07/2015 Help yourself coffee at breakfast would save waiter time. Views fantastic. Lovely setting for tired bodies
    Stephen 24/07/2015 Amazing experience, thanks so much guys. Will be back again soon
    Paul 24/07/2015 Proper chilled out
    Rupert 25/07/2015 Oozing wityh geniune personality, not trying to be anything more than the fantastic inn it is, that’s the magic
    Jamie 25/07/2015 Very friendly, helpful, go out of their way to make things happen
    Eva 25/07/2015 Loved our stay in Tan Hill in every aspect
    N 25/07/2015 Friendly atmosphere
    Mrs 25/07/2015 Beautiful location, beautiful food
    Derek 25/07/2015 Good atmosphere and lovely food
    K 25/07/2015 Lovely relaxed atmosphere
    Joanne & Faith 25/07/2015 Will be back
    Phil 25/07/2015 Warm welcome, great people. Excellent ales
    Keith 25/07/2015 Good place to stay, staff very friendly
    Dave 26/07/2015 Walkied in and 3 seconds later we were in love with the place
    Tom 26/07/2015 Thank you ! X
    Gary 26/07/2015 Would love to come and stay
    Rod 26/07/2015 Great visit with super car club
    Kate 26/07/2015 Awesome traditional pub
    David 26/07/2015 Very nice visit. Will come again hopefully
    Diane 26/07/2015 Well worth the visit (fantastic)
    Julie 26/07/2015 A lovely warm welcome – very cosy atmosphere
    Caroline 26/07/2015 Very homely & friendly, always wanted to come
    Martin 26/07/2015 Excellent
    Carrie 26/07/2015 Hamish’s spotted dick is awesome
    Joyce 26/07/2015 Wonderful Sunday roast
    Rob 26/07/2015 Good food, small table, very slow staff
    Steve 26/07/2015 Defo
    Catherine 26/07/2015 Lovely place to stop, we would definitely come again
    Della & Tony 26/07/2015 We camped overnight for a tenner! And enjoyed a lovely meal and a few drinks
    Gill & Mike 27/07/2015 Came for lunch to feel on top of the world on our 30th wedding anniversay. Not disappointed. Thanks
    Mark 27/07/2015 Friendly staff welcome cosy bar love the oval fire
    Gordon 27/07/2015 A great place to come. Good atmosphere. Did not stay but had a meal. Best wishes to all the staff
    Sooz& Drew 27/07/2015 Excellent choice of ales, very friendly atmosphere & dogs welcome
    Jean 27/07/2015 Excellent/Amazing place
    Chris 27/07/2015 Love the open fires, pub very welcoming, friendly staff
    Chris 27/07/2015 Very welcoming and comfy, roaring fire meant did not want to leave
    Jeanette 27/07/2015 Fantastic staff & managers. Loved it
    Kim 28/07/2015 A step into the past
    Ryan 28/07/2015 Great food, great staff
    Erica 28/07/2015 We love this place! God’s own pub in God’s own county
    Gregor 28/07/2015 Very relaxing and inviting
    Wendy 28/07/2015 Warm and friendly lovely pud
    Catherine 28/07/2015 Very nice place. I will recommend to friends and family
    Michael 28/07/2015 Nice to be back, looking forward to our next visit
    Rolf 28/07/2015 None in particular
    Adam 28/07/2015 A very enjoyable visit to an excellent pub! 10/10
    Brenda 28/07/2015 Beautiful place & great staff
    Ruth 28/07/2015 A fantastic start to my rare weeks holiday. Love it that I can bring my dogs in too
    Sarah 28/07/2015 Waiting to visit for along time, met all expectations
    Niall 28/07/2015 Just what is required after a day on the Dales
    Omelia 28/07/2015 Wonderful food! I will recommend and pass the word around
    Oliver 29/07/2015 Lovely stop for a quick drink
    Graham & Annette 29/07/2015 Very homely & friendly, wanted to stay longer, will return when we are next walking the Pennine Way
    Jack 29/07/2015 Have been afore but this time stayed over and it was fantastic/ thanks to all
    Jack 29/07/2015 Great staff great kitchen crew great food great pub!!!! Definitely coming again
    Karen 29/07/2015 Absolutely love this place. Great time on each occasion we visit
    Claire 29/07/2015 Fabulous food and setting
    Lynn & Mark 29/07/2015 We need to arrange to stay! Awesome beer collection
    Mark 29/07/2015 Lovely people
    Karen 29/07/2015 Amazing place. Breakfast was brilliant. We love it here and will definitely be back
    Brenda 29/07/2015 Nice pub with good fires / relaxing
    J 30/07/2015 Super place – never change it
    Matt 31/07/2015 Great food, great place, great staff. Keep it up
    Sharon 31/07/2015 Felt very welcome Fantastic staff
    Paul 31/07/2015 A great weekend, it’s a great place, we’ll be back!
    Bery; & Roger 31/07/2015 This must be at least my 50th visit over the last 45 years
    Vick 31/07/2015 Fantastic food/atmosphere
    Marie 31/07/2015 Staff especially John fab
    Jean 31/07/2015 Unique place to stay, very enjoyable. Will pass on to friends at home
    Morag 31/07/2015 Very nice meal, fantastic staff/atmosphere. Will recommend to friends
    Nis 01/08/2015 Fantastic pub
    G 01/08/2015 Excellent all round
    Pat 01/08/2015 Great Yorkshire “grub” keep it up. Excellent
    Gary 01/08/2015 Visited many times in past 20 years and now its great service
    Karen 01/08/2015 Everest advert, tv coverage didn’t really demonstrate the excellent atmosphere here – Brilliant!
    Florence 01/08/2015 Very friendly
    W 01/08/2015 Great place!
    Paul 01/08/2015 Another great night at Tan Hill, great staff. I will definitely be back
    01/08/2015 Ewe juice very smooth, food excellent
    Phil & Sue 01/08/2015 Fabulous home cooked meals, great produce for breakdast. The comfiest beds ever. Highly recommended
    Mark 01/08/2015 Great birthday weekend
    S 01/08/2015 Very satisfied
    Marie 01/08/2015 Thank you. Loved the shower in Room 3! Made v welcome – staff could not have been more lovely & helpful – we’ll be back
    Samantha 01/08/2015 Excellent food & host. Cosy atmosphere & love the fires
    Peter 01/08/2015 We will be back!!!
    Helen 01/08/2015 Great pub
    Edward 01/08/2015 Great pub
    Mark 01/08/2015 Great pub
    Candy 01/08/2015 Great place to visit – thanks
    Ian 01/08/2015 Great experience
    Marie 02/08/2015 Great weekend camping
    Liz & George 02/08/2015 Only calledfor lunch and a drink, really enjoyed our experience, really good real ales
    Helen 02/08/2015 Really welcomimg, great atmosphere. Good tasty food, excellent thanks
    Heidi 02/08/2015 Lovely, lovely place. Great sleep, great atmosphere. Lovely staff and food
    Dean 02/08/2015 Sadly some of the beers weren’t on last night – though the ones I tried were excellent! Don’t worry – I’ll be back
    Gordon 02/08/2015 Friendly staff, good food and drink, very welcoming
    Rob 02/08/2015 Cold coffee
    i 03/08/2015 Chef was very accomadating, absolutely brilliant
    Dorken 03/08/2015 Best scampi I have ever eaten
    Chris 03/08/2015 An extremely warm and friendly welcome from all staff! An excellent place to stay
    Leanne 03/08/2015 Beautiful place, lovely staff
    Linda 03/08/2015 Nice room – very comfy beds
    John 04/08/2015 As a remote hotel/inn should be, friendly and non pretentious
    Sarah &Adam 04/08/2015 Lovely staff, really enjoyedourvisitwill come again
    Stephen 04/08/2015 Great experience
    Olivia 04/08/2015 I love this pub
    Graham & Alison 04/08/2015 Fantastic. Thank you
    Fay 04/08/2015 Had a great time. Would love to come again
    Jenny 04/08/2015 Warm, dry welcome & retreat from hell outside
    Penny 04/08/2015 Dog friendly – Hurrah!
    J 05/08/2015 Excellent friendly staff, warm welcoming ambience
    Kelly 05/08/2015 All wonderful
    Jason 05/08/2015 Very enjoyable, staff knowledgeable and helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed stay
    Tony 05/08/2015 Great place for Pennine Way walkers
    P 05/08/2015 Very good food
    Andrew 06/08/2015 I think this is definitely the highest rated one I’ve been in
    Douglas 07/08/2015 Had a great time
    John 07/08/2015 Been coming here for 30 years and it gets better and better. Thank you
    Beryl 07/08/2015 Very goood food – quickly served. Love coming here. See you again
    Pat & Albert 07/08/2015 We would love to visit again
    Karen 07/08/2015 Great place to visit friendly atmosphere and staff
    Ian 07/08/2015 Great nights stop. Friendly, helpful, just what you want
    Val & Rob 07/08/2015 Great stop on our Pennine Way walk
    Peter, Susan & Robert 07/08/2015 Friendly welcome, atmosphere wonderful, enhanced by wood fire in bar!
    Dave 07/08/2015 Music was horrendous in the bar area with 2 country & western songs being repeated!!!
    Will 08/08/2015 Loved it
    Gillian 08/08/2015 Very enjoyable experience, would recommend to friends
    Nicola 08/08/2015 Outstanding food!
    Paula 08/08/2015 Very good food & friendly staff
    Judith-Ann 09/08/2015 Please can I have a copy of the ode above the fireplace, Ode to Pennine Way
    Rob 09/08/2015 Ta really nice
    Laura 09/08/2015 Fab visit, lovely atmosphere & music
    Rebecca 09/08/2015 A wonderful warming atmosphere. So relaxed and friendly. Thank you
    Hazel 09/08/2015 Lovely time, thank you!
    Jonathan 09/08/2015 Really cool atmosphere and lovely staff. Options for more light bites on a Sunday would be good
    Graham 10/08/2015 Very well run, lovely vibes, people playing music terriffic
    Chris 10/08/2015 Been coming here for heres, but first time staying, definitely stay again
    K 10/08/2015 Lovely atmosphere. Warm & friendly staff, also the fire!!
    Raymond 10/08/2015 Wonderful atmosphere, very nice to visit
    Jackie 10/08/2015 Change food details on website (All day)
    Abdul 10/08/2015 Lovely friendly place, clean rooms
    Bill 11/08/2015 Great nights entertainment venue will return!
    John 11/08/2015 Stopped for lunch, very friendly
    D 11/08/2015 We would love to come back and stay
    M 11/08/2015 Wonderful service & atmosphere
    Jane & Charles 11/08/2015 Great pub. Food though was stale & the chips were cold & greasy – reheated
    Jackie 11/08/2015 Just stopped in to eat and drink. Will come again
    William 12/08/2015 Best pub I’ve been to, it takes the cake
    Nicola 12/08/2015 Lovely place, will bring our dog next time!
    David 12/08/2015 Only came for a lovely meal (which it was)
    N 12/08/2015 No room to put up tent, back of the van will do
    D 12/08/2015 What a great place!
    Glen 13/08/2015 Excellent lunch in good surroundings. Staff very good during a busy spell
    M 14/08/2015 Lovely place, homely atmosphere, very good on a rainy day
    Suzy 14/08/2015 Fabulous!!
    David & Jean 14/08/2015 As always chilled out, keep coming back, special place!!!!
    Daw 14/08/2015 Spot on!
    Linda & Gordon 14/08/2015 Weather could not dampen the visit. Always wanted to visit, not disappointed. Will come again
    Criag 14/08/2015 Me
    Jennie 15/08/2015 Alfie made place very homely – he’s lovely, staff very personable & polite
    Laura 15/08/2015 Alfie the dog is lovely, definitely a plus to the homely environment
    T 15/08/2015 Staff helpful
    Barbara 15/08/2015 Staff very friendly
    Lynne 15/08/2015 Good time
    Paul 15/08/2015 Vey pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff etc
    Julie 15/08/2015 Very welcoming, nothing too much trouble. Food excellent
    D 15/08/2015 Excellent food & banter
    Joyce 15/08/2015 Staff friendly, enjoyable evening, will come again
    Paul 15/08/2015 Excellent food & service
    Kris 16/08/2015 Awesome
    Helen 31/08/2015 Loved staying here. Only thing that would have improved it shower head in bathroom
    Katie Excellent
    Darryl Loved the friendly spider in the bar that had come for a visit. Enjoyed the headless ghost story!
    Stella Nice atmosphere, very filling food
    Jane Deffo coming back. Had a mon time. Food superb xx
    Naomi Great atmosphere
    Neel Great place to stay even if it was in the car park
    Vivien & Geof Brought group of 8, great improvement in last year
    Anthony Super!
    Chris I loved Hamish’s spotted dick too!
    Richard Can’t remember eating a better chilli
    Peter Brilliant feature of the Pennine Way. Great walker food!
    Jayne Food & staff fantastic
    Dr. A.P.. Look ways to serve your food on warm plate, the meat will retain its heat
    Cameron Welcome to Houston anytime
    Naomi Brill
    Paola & Mario Everything good. Being picky you could do something about the flies
    Euan & Maureen We love it!!!
    Mike Love the place! The big fire!
    Sattya We had a lovely meal here, thank you very much
    Rebecca Lovely stay, thank you
    David Thanks