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The Tan Hill Inn is the highest inn in the British Isles at 1,732 feet (528 m) above sea level. The building dates to the 17th century and during the 18th century was used as a hostelry by workers digging coal pits. The last mine on Tan Hill closed in 1929, although the pub was able to remain due to the custom of local farmers and the development of the motor car. The building is unusual for its isolation, but it used to be surrounded by miners’ cottages, until these were demolished after the closure of the mines in the 1920s.


Richard Hammond from Top Gear drops in February, 2015 for a surprise visit for filming. Unfortunately the episode doesn’t make it to air as the final top gear episodes are suspended.


Tan Hill Inn start refurbishment of all it’s bedrooms.

The Tan Hill Inn was described in 2012 in The Observer as “eccentrically run…with something of a reputation for being the Fawlty Towers of north Yorkshire…The landlady, the kind-hearted but sharp-tongued Tracy Daly, has been called ‘the rudest in Britain'”.

Start to develop our sister Events Venue at Knapp Farm near Taunton in Somerset.


Revellers celebrating New Year’s Eve at the pub on 31 December 2009 were unable to leave the pub for three days as they were snowed in.


Everest broadcast their new 2008 advert – featuring their installation of new double-glazing and solar panels at the Inn. The Inn looks absolutely splendid with it’s new roof and re-pointing.


Renovation and refurbishment undertaken.


Landlords Margaret and Alex Baines finally hang up their Bar Towels after 20 years service at Tan Hill. The new owners Mike and Louise are looking forward to the challenge of running this unique and very special place. Tan Hill Inn’s unique place in the United Kingdom and in history should hopefully guarantee it’s future at a time when many rural pubs are facing closure. It’s fame has led to the Inn featuring in a couple of television adverts, one for double glazing and the other for mobile telephones. The Inn has been visited by several celebrities of the day and created a few personalities itself. Join us up the hill and soak up some of the history for yourself.


Resumption of the Tan Hill Sheep Show. Continuing restrictions from the Foot and Mouth outbreak forced cancellation of the 2002 show.


Our website wins a Silver Award for best pub website.

The year was however marred by a major outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease which affects most livestock (but not humans except in extreme cases) and forced the cancellation of the Tan Hill Sheep Show. Loss of trade resulted from footpath closures designed to curb spread of this high infectious disease.


Embracing new technology, Tan Hill Inn was launched onto the World Wide Web where it is hoped to attract interest and custom in the same way as Susan Peacock’s early wireless broadcasts.

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