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It all happens at the Tan Hill Inn!

Thomas the TankWeardale rally 2Weardale rally 3A beautfiful sunny day at Tan Hill  and yet another day full of surprises…. ” It all happens at Tan Hill, Britians Highest Pub”  We just finished  hosting an event with 60 MX5 car members who had just joined us for lunch when the Weardale car club turned up.  ” Oh what fun it is to ride in a Air Ambulance rally”  These guys turned up for a quick drink on their charity tour.  They were all dressed in fancy dress such as Post Man Pat, Thomas the Tank Engine and many others. What was quite amazing  about the event was their cars were customised to match  their fancy dress costumes. A bit like  “Pimp my Ride”   TV program.  Watch the video as they leave!