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Tan Hill Inn Celebrity Corner Presenting The Numerous visiting Celebrities

Tan Hill Inn Celebrity Corner Presenting The Numerous visiting Celebrities………. Many Celebrities have Visited Great Britain’s Very Own Celebrity Pub In the January 2009 edition of ‘Mountain Bike Magazine’, the Tan Hill Inn had a fantastic 6-page write up. In addition, January also saw the pub featured on TV in James May and Oz Clarke’s BBC series ‘Drink To Britain’ series. The pub is probably the most iconic venue in the whole of the British Isles and enjoys celebrity status in its own right. In this section we will feature visiting celebrities who have popped in to see us! Just scroll down to see our photographs below.

Tan Hill Inn CelebritiesTan Hill Inn Celebrities

Tan Hill Inn itself and the surrounding National Park area are World famous for many reasons. Without knowing it, you will probably have seen our area in a recent blockbuster film like ‘Robin Hood Prince of Thieves’ and ‘Harry Potter’, ‘It Shouldn’t Happen To A Vet’ and ‘Pit Ponies’. Many television programmes have been shot in the Tan Hill area including ‘The Inspector Lindley Mysteries’, ‘Murder in Mind’, ‘Top Gear’, ‘The Fast Show’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, ‘Jude the Obscure’ and numerous foreign news and travel shows.

Television adverts have made the most of Tan Hill’s unique position and atmosphere to sell products. Most of you old enough may remember the now famous Ted Moult ‘Everest’ Double Glazing advert (the one with the feather) and more recently the ‘Vodafone’ ads featuring the ‘Wolf & Whistle’ Pub. Both these were filmed at Tan Hill. But perhaps the best known television adverts from the early 1980’s were those for Everest Double Glazing. Who can’t remember the ‘feather dropping’ scene with Ted Moult. Visit Tan Hill and you can see the actual window and a feather above the bar! Last year ‘Everest’ returned and refitted our windows and doors as well as installing solar panels. Their 2008 TV advert featured Craig Doyle.

Kyle McClachlan (Twin Peaks and Sex in the City) starred in the Vodafone ‘Wolf and Whistle’ adverts shot at Tan Hill in the late 1990’s. (It is possible to get a mobile phone signal on most networks, but be warned….we have a strict mobile phone policy – read on below). Following the success of the Vodafone adverts it appeared we had created a bit of a monster! The only solution was to crack down on mobile phone use in the bar. Ailsa displays the pickled phones in a jar! This advert featured in many local and national newspapers and on BBC News. Pay a 50p fine or in they go!

Too many newspaper, magazine articles and books have been written about Tan Hill to list. Needless to say Tan Hill will continue to be a popular attraction for people wishing to make history and those who wish to follow in their footsteps. Here are a few Tan Hill Inn features: