Whether its Hen Nights or Stag Nights, Celebrities or Civilians what goes down at Tan Hill stays at Tan Hill. Not that theres anything naughty going on of course……but you know what its like on a Hen do…. People go missing, you get split up… you worry for your friends…well lets be honest, once at the highest Inn in Great Britain no one is going anywhere far! That keeps the party going in a safe enviroment.

Add to the fact that we stay up as long as you do, guranteed, with great  food and wine, music to suit, fantastic accomadation, you have a ready made party venue

In the morning we find that one of our famous bloody Marys and a quick walk on the peninne way just outside our door will blow -away any thoughts of hang-overs.

Contact us below to discuss organising a Hen Night at the Tan Hill Inn or call on 01833 533007.