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Tan Hill Inn Feather


We eagerly require information leading to the safe return of our famous picture of the late Derbyshire Farmer presenter ‘Ted Moult’ beside the first Double glazed window installed by Everest at Tan Hill, Great Britain Highest Inn.

The picture which also contains the original feather from the Everest Adverts filmed in the early 1980’s disappeared from the pub sometime in mid to late October. The picture is of great sentimental value and has been hanging in its place beside the window at Tan Hill Inn for almost 30 years. It was given to the pub by Ted Moult and Everest after the original airing and success of the Adverts in the early 1980’s.

Many customers ask about Ted Moult and the feather used in the draught test on the adverts and are always pleased to see the picture beside the window where it was filmed. Everest has replaced and updated the double glazing only once at Tan Hill since they were originally installed however the picture and the feather are irreplaceable.

The picture and feather are Tan Hill’s version of the Crown jewels and we are desperately saddened by its loss.

Anyone who has any information about its whereabouts should contact Tan Hill Inn. Tel: 01833 628246.